Our team will work alongside you to update your existing software so that it does exactly what you need it to do. The emphasis is on a solution that gives you the results you want through tweaking what’s already there, rather than stripping it all out and starting again. We believe software modernisation also provides the opportunity to add in fresh coding and modern software solutions (UI and/or UX development), adding additional value to your system. Often completed along with data migration from legacy database systems in addition to re-designing and re-scoping of the legacy system architecture. The legacy modernisation process is a chance to rethink how your systems operate, preparing them for effective, 21st-century use.

Legacy software modernisation service helps to provide solutions to the following issues that companies may face with their legacy systems in their business:

• Due to knowledge of old tech stack, maintenance and operation costs are mostly too high
• Legacy applications are incompatible with modern systems and cloud architectures.
• The legacy systems do not provide the flexibility and scalability that modern software systems provide.
• Most legacy applications have serious security issues due to updates or end of support of dependencies.
• It’s hard, expensive, or nearly impossible to implement new features
• Most legacy applications are slow, crashes regularly, or randomly and it is mostly impossible to touch the codebase and fix the issues.
• No more support provided by the owner of the legacy system

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